Gaming Tickets is a leading supplier of slot machine tickets (TITO) to casinos worldwide. Approved by IGT for use in EZ-Pay Systems, as well as TransAct, FutureLogic, and Nanoptix ticket printers. Our tickets are used in machines made by IGT, Bally, Aristocrat, Atronic, Multi-Media Games, VGT, Konami, and many more.



Ticket-In Ticket-Out (TITO) Slot Machine Tickets have become common in the gaming industry today. Gaming Tickets, Inc., the pioneer in the TITO ticket printing and security technology has delivered billions of slot machine tickets worldwide dating back to our founding in 2002.

Our TITO tickets are printed to meet the exacting standards of every coin-less manufacturer. Gaming Tickets, Inc., tickets was among the first gaming ticket suppliers to be approved by IGT and are also approved for use by TransAct, FutureLogic and Nanoptix, and is a direct supplier of slot tickets to Bally, VGT, WMS Gaming, and Multi-Media Games for distribution to their network of customers.

At Gaming Tickets, Inc., our tickets combine the latest printing technologies with our years of experience to maximize your operations, marketing objectives, and supply-chain requirements, while properly managing your security concerns and waste reduction policies.

Custom Security – Gaming Tickets, Inc. offers a variety of custom security options that include watermarks and black light options. Your representative will be happy to discuss the best option for your application.

IGT Approved Thermal Coatings – Moisture, smudging, and other elements are a common part of the casino and player's environment. Gaming Tickets IGT approved coatings will stand up to them all.

Exceptional Print Quality – When your roots are in printing, it's unimaginable that anything less than  exceptional image reproduction will be acceptable. At Gaming Tickets, we thrive on delivering unmatched full-color, photo quality print production that will deliver on your Brand messaging.

Custom Packaging and Palletizing Options – Every casino faces it's own set of unique issues related to the packaging, storage, and transportation of their consumable TITO Ticket inventory. At Gaming Tickets, Inc. We're here to meet those needs with solutions and strategies derived from years of custom printing experience.


The leadership team at Gaming Tickets, Inc., has been serving the POS Rolls market for in excess of 40 years. Our custom POS Roll stock solutions can be found in gaming, lottery, retail, kiosk, banking, and other entertainment applications. We offer multiple stock options, with printing production that is second to none, each to your specifications including, thermal, single, or multi-ply rolls.

Lottery, Sports Book and Kiosk Rolls – No matter your specs, related to size, core, or length, and stock requirements in thermal, bond or carbon-less, Gaming Tickets, Inc., is there to meet your lottery or kiosk roll application requirements.

ATM Rolls – problem, our custom POS rolls are manufactured to meet the specification requirements of every major ATM manufacturer. 

PVC CARDS/Players Club Cards

PVC Cards play a key role in any casino or hospitality operation. Gaming Tickets, Inc., offers the finest in PVC card production with the most competitive prices in the market.

PVC Card Uses –  PVC Cards serve many purposes in today's hospitality industry including: Player's Club Cards, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, ID Badges, Parking Cards, and so many more.

Get Creative – Gaming Tickets offers a wide variety of options for PVC Cards. The industry standard 2.125" x 3.375" rounded corner, 30mm thickness option leads the pack, but let your imagination and creativity take your Brand to new heights. We offer up to 6-color printing per side, full bleeds, with an assortment of finish options including silkscreens and foil stamping. And photo-quality what you're looking for? Perfect you found that here.

Magnetic Strips, RFID, Barcoding and Numbering – Put your PVC Cards to work and make them secure. Gaming Tickets, Inc. will help you with security and redemption features like Magnetic strips, RFID, barcodes and numbering. Your options are virtually limitless.


Hotel Keys are just another extension of PVC Cards produced extensively by Gaming Tickets, Inc. for our global customer base. Like the PVC Card descriptions above they come in a variety of options with dynamic 6-color printing, and many finishes. Your hotel keys are an extension of your Brand, don't settle for second best, go with a leader in the industry.


Gaming Tickets, Inc. is an industry leader in the production of specialty tickets. From tickets for entertainment events, theaters, parking, theme parks, raffles, and many other uses, we create and deliver amazing print reproduction, high-quality color graphics, and comprehensive security and anti-fraud options.  Stop counterfeit reproduction with security inks, foil, and other methods. 


At Gaming Tickets, Inc., we don't stop at printed consumable goods, we also offer: Keno Tickets and Bet Slips, Ski Lift Tickets, Raffle Tickets, Bungees/Slot Card Coils, Cleaning Cards, Ribbons, Play Slips/Bet Slips, Hotel Room Door Hangers, Tamper Evident Plastic Bags, Bingo Sheets, Lottery Bet Slips, and so much more. 


Gaming Tickets, Inc., understands that no two operations are the same, so our team will work to meet your needs for receiving and storing your TITO Tickets and other materials.  Standard ticket packaging is 12,000 per carton. Shrink wrapping and banding available. Special carton packaging is available upon request.


It goes without saying how much value we place on security. At Gaming Tickets, we're most proud of our history and commitment to the development of strategic technologies to ensure secure transactions, and positive outcomes. Our team was a pioneer in the industry and developed many of the techniques still in use today. UV ink (Invisible ink), white ink, Thermochromatic ink, bar codes, QR Codes, and others will be used to meet your needs.


A state of the art digital Perf tester to be sure all Ticket Perfs are of the correct tear strength. 


Every case of tickets is weight checked and stamped as it comes off the press to ensure proper ticket count inside. This Q.C. measure guarantees you are getting the exact ticket count every time. We are the only vendor in the industry providing this quality check. Missing tickets within packs can cost a casino thousands of dollars in product paid for but not received. (As our competitors customers have seen.)


Gaming Tickets is more than just a TITO ticket and print supplier. Our organization has long-served the gaming and hospitality industries with tools and services for Inventory management. JIT delivery, warehousing, and short lead times are available ensuring your stock levels remain constant, as well as stock and release programs, auto-shipping, and inventory management services. Multiple production facilities offer 100% back-up production capabilities.


Never run out of tickets! All customers are contacted 3-4 weeks prior to the next estimated needed delivery as a reminder to start the next order. We know how difficult it can be to keep on top of inventory and proper ordering times, thus we do it for you.

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Gaming Tickets, Inc. is leading the way in the gaming, entertainment and hospitality industries with innovative products, production methods, and technologies.

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SINCE 2002

Gaming Tickets, Inc. is truly the pioneer and leader in TITO Slot Machine Ticket production and technology. Dating back to March of 1999, when we were first approached by the Sierra Design Group of Reno, NV, as they were looking to source thermal slot tickets for their native American clients in Washington state. Since those early days Gaming Tickets has group into a global supplier and technology leader. We're also the only Woman-owned Slot Ticket supplier  in the United States, and around the world.

Inventory Management

Gaming Tickets is more than just a TITO ticket and print supplier. Our organization has long-served the gaming and hospitality industries with tools and services for Inventory management, ensuring your stock levels remain constant.

Global Distribution

When you're the pioneer of a technology, it's only natural that demand will circle the globe. Gaming Tickets. Inc. has long-been a supplier to casinos and other partners worldwide, and has produced custom TITO tickets and other specialities in over 22 languages.

Security Matters

It goes without saying how much value we place on security. At Gaming Tickets, we're most proud of our history and commitment to the development of strategic technologies to ensure secure transactions, and positive outcomes.